WALRON Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.
WALRON Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. since its incorporation has enhanced its competitive position in the pharma market.
We are one of the fast growing Pharma Marketing Company.
We are proud introducers of our various GMP certified patent and proprietary molecules with the passage of time.
WALRON Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.
Management Training
Employees are trained on product knowledge, market knowledge, competitor knowledge, communication skills, attitude improvement, selling technique & confidence.
WALRON Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.
Refresher Courses
We keep conducting the workshops as well as refresher programmes for further sharpening their skills.
WALRON Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.
Product Management
PMD is the think tank of the company which is not only involved in Product Training and development.
WALRON Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.
Medical Department
We have a well defined Medical Department Governed by Qualified Doctors.
WALRON Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.’s blazing growth in business provides ample opportunities for our employees to build career in various fields.

Creation of a high-touch business force through the implementation of management practices that start with people (humanism) and empowerment.


WALRON Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. Quality is our strength and in order to maintain it at every stage of productions we have in house most modern testing Laboratory equipped with all necessary instruments and highly qualified technical staff.
'QUALITY' is what we practice in our everyday life & We strive to provide customers with quality products that exceeds their expectations.

WALRON Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

Our diverse family of pharmaceutical, medical, and nutritional products includes a broad range of specialized medicines

WALRON Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. meets the needs of healthcare professionals and patients & currently providing products in lots many areas like ::-

WALRON Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. WALRON Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. is driven by it Vision to achieve significant business in proprietary prescription products with a strong presence in the pharma market.
WALRON Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. is eyeing upon better health achievement through effective and safe medicines based on technological innovation. Achieving customer satisfaction is fundamental.